My practice encompasses most of the legal needs of businesses and individuals.


Most of my litigation is related to real estate, municipal law, and commercial matters, although I have occasionally undertaken matters concerning individual rights (human rights), intellectual property and consumer matters.

In litigation, I bring decades of experience to providing effective representation in court or before other tribunals; the benefit of that experience offers clients objective evaluations of what is likely to happen when going through with trial, or on appeal.


I am frequently involved in the purchase and sale and financing of real estate and other kinds of property and businesses, sometimes representing sellers, sometimes purchasers, sometimes borrowers and sometimes lenders.

Representing parties in transactions is about much more than simply getting the deal done; it is about advocating for the genuine interests of your client.


I am actively involved in municipal law matters, sometimes representing cities or towns, and sometimes representing people in their dealings with municipalities, or state or federal agencies. I also have represented public and private interests as a lobbyist in Augusta.

Because I draw upon a vast history of experience in governmental affairs, as is the case with litigation, clients benefit from an objective reading of the likely outcomes.

People and governments and businesses all need good advice. Part of my practice consists of giving advice and helping people to plan – both business planning, succession planning and estate planning.